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Get your loved one the help they need to overcome their drug or alcohol dependency.

It's really hard dealing with someone who has a drug or alcohol problem. Many of us who work in drug rehabilitation have had problems ourselves or have had problems with family members at some point.

The first step is determining if the person with a drug or alcohol problem is willing to go into treatment. They may try to convince you that they can care the problem themselves. But If you're reading this website you already know the answer to that. It is very unlikely that a person addicted to drugs or alcohol are going to be able to recover without professional help.


If they are unwilling or go into treatment of their own you will probably need to consider intervention. Here are two websites that will help you out with that.

  • How To Do An Intervention - a website with a good overview of how to do intervention with a nice printable guide.
  • National Intervention Association - by having a professional oversee and conduct your intervention your loved one is way more likely to decide to enter treatment. This website will put you in contact with the right intervention professional who will guide you through the entire process.


Insurance plans cover at least part (if not all) of rehab, counseling services, and detox. You can easily check exactly what your (or your loved one's) insurance will cover by filling out the form here.

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